Houston TX

P: 713-201-8313

“The work I do is transformational, it is a holistic approach to deliberately designing your life – designing your environment as well as designing how you live your life. Living Beautifully encompasses body, mind, spirit and environment.”

Mary Lindsey Wilson is a designer, muse and possibilitarian.

Meet Mary

She has a life long passion for creating beauty and harmony in people’s lives. She believes that our environment and how we live our lives are intimately connected. This connection has brought about the evolution of her holistic approach to design. Her company, Live Beautifully offers both Interior design and Lifestyle design.

Her interior design includes award winning projects locally and internationally.

Her innovative lifestyle design includes private coaching, inspirational public speaking, workshops, classes and retreats. Mary’s experience, intuition, extensive training and techniques support you in creating the life of your dreams. She is a vibrational catalyst for quantum transformation.

Mary’s mission is to facilitate people to “Live Beautifully” by design.


  • Conscious interior design
  • Changing core beliefs
  • Energy balancing & clearing sessions
  • Relationship coaching
  • Empowerment coaching
  • Emotional clearing/releasing of stuck energetic patterns
  • Access Consciousness – Bars and Body Process facilitator
  • NuVision practitioner
  • Design Your Life classes and workshops
  • Kaleidoscope of Perspective classes
  • The power of color classes